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The Application Advantage of LED Street Light Under Lighting Quality and Brightness Standard
The Application Advantage of LED Street Light Under Lighting Quality and Brightness Standard
2023-03-31 1471

Road lighting is an important facility to ensure travel safety, especially at night or in dark conditions. Therefore, the quality and brightness of road lighting are crucial and should be firstly considered.



Road lighting has to meet the certain brightness standards. In urban areas, the brightness should reach about 1000 lumens per square meter to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. In rural and remote areas or roads which are not that busy, the brightness requirements can be reduced to about 500 lumens per square meter. In addition, the angle and obstruction issues of street lights also need to be considered to ensure that the light can be maximally projected onto the road and to avoid blind spots.




With the advancement of technology and the enhancement of environmental awareness, more energy-efficient LED street lights are developed for road lighting. Compared with traditional metal halide lamps and halogen lamps, LED lights have higher light efficiency and longer service life. In addition, the regulation of LED lights is also more flexible, the users can achieve better lighting effects by controlling the brightness and color of the lights.



Shanghai Sansi has participated in many  road lighting renovation projects, upgrading the traditional halogen lamps previously used to LED lighting systems. These renovation projects have improved the quality of road lighting, avoided obstruction and blind spot issues, and brought greater convenience and safety to people's travel.




Road lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring travel safety and convenience. By using appropriate brightness standards and more energy-efficient LED street lights, we can achieve better lighting effects while also better protecting the environment.