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Sansi LED low-level lighting is featured with optimized light distribution, reduced glare, bringing a new lighting experience!
Sansi LED low-level lighting is featured with optimized light distribution, reduced glare, bringing a new lighting experience!
2023-03-02 1189

In the road fields such as urban viaducts, ramps, bridges, and overpasses, low-level lighting with continuous guardrails as the carrier is widely used. It is both decorative and functional, and at the same time, due to the particular application, it must meet the requirements of beautiful appearance, reliable installation, and long service life. 



Taking Guangdong Nansha Bridge (Humen No. 2 Bridge), a classic bridge lighting project, as an example, because of the complex topography of the large turntable of the Seagull Island Interchange, it is necessary to consider both the bridge lighting effect and the vehicle guiding lighting effect in the lighting design. The LED anti-collision low-level guardrail lights put into use in this project fully consider the problems of night-time traffic flow and safety index, effectively prevent the impact of special environments, and are superior to lighting products at the same stage. After that, Shanghai Sansi, the lighting supplier for this project, continued to innovate and further realized light distribution optimization and glare control.


Nantong Garden Bridge with customized light distribution

Nantong Garden Bridge, which connects the north and south of the Luyun River, the landscape bridge with double arch structure further dredges the traffic artery of Nantong city, optimizes and improves the function of the road network in the surrounding area, and plays an important role in the traffic flow in Nantong city. After the domestic lighting engineering expert Shanghai Sansi undertook this project, after field inspections and on the basis of ensuring the appearance of the bridge's "double-arc" straight cables, it customized a set of professional "LED low-level lighting multi-functional street lights" guardrail system.



When participating in the design of the system, the Sansi R&D team continuously conducted comparisons and demonstrations based on human anatomy and driving habits. It preferred to independently develop the LED low-level guardrail system, and make full use of the guardrail tubes on both sides of the bridge as the installation carrier for lamps, so as to realize gardening. The road lighting of the bridge road, while adjusting the product installation angle during the test, set a reasonable installation height to avoid affecting the driving vision of passing vehicles, and second, avoid strong light shining on the space outside the road surface to form secondary light pollution.  

In addition to adopting the duckbill-shaped appearance design of the lamps and lanterns according to local conditions and reasonable installation height ( As Figure 2), Sansi also provides professional optical customization solutions for the bridge to optimize light distribution and reduce glare. After the lamp adopts customized light distribution, the light beam control and visual comfort tend to be balanced. Its optical properties are as follows:

• Separate light distribution on the left and right sides of the road to achieve directional light distribution and soft light output, and improve lighting uniformity;
• The lens design meets the requirements of human vision, effectively controls the glare of lights, and improves driving comfort and safety;
• The side of the product is pasted with yellow reflective film, which can reflect light at night to remind drivers, greatly improving driving safety;
• Built-in imported light source chip, longer life, high lumen value, low light decay, and more stable overall performance.