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New Fashion for Bridge Lighting: Application of Guardrail Lights
New Fashion for Bridge Lighting: Application of Guardrail Lights
2021-04-22 1161

In most urban elevated roads, bridges, overpasses or other kinds of roads, low-level lighting with continuous guardrail lights is widely used. The guardrail light is both decorative and functional, and at the same time, due to its application specificity, it has to meet the requirements of beauty, reliable installation, and long service life.


Take Nansha Bridge as an example, which is another world-class bridge project in the Pearl River Delta after the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, due to the complicated terrain of the interchange, both the effect of the bridge lighting and the role of vehicle guidance lighting should be considered during the process of lighting system design. The anti-collision LED low guardrail lights used in this project fully consider the traffic condition at night and other safety problems, effectively prevent the impact of special environments.



Another success application of SANSI guardrail lights in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, the Yuanlin Bridge connects the north and south of the Tonglu Canal. The double-arch structure of this landscape bridge further mitigates the traffic pressure, optimizes and improves the functions of the road network in the surrounding areas, and plays a major role in the traffic flow of Nantong. After on-site inspections, on the basis of ensuring the appearance of the "double-arc" straight cable of the bridge, Sansi customized a set of professional LED low-position lighting multifunctional guardrail lighting system for the bridge.



According to human structure and driving habits, Sansi selected the self-developed LED low-level guardrail system after continuous comparison and demonstration, and made full use of the guardrail tubes on both sides of the bridge as the installation carrier to realize the pavement lighting of the garden bridge road. By adjusting the installation angle and setting a reasonable installation height to avoid affecting the driving vision of passing vehicles, the system effectively prevents the strong light from irradiating the outer space of the road to form secondary light pollution.


In addition to adopting a reasonable guardrail light installation method, Sansi also provides professional optical customization solutions for the bridge to optimize the light distribution and reduce glares. By customized light distribution, beam control and visual comfort around the bridge tend to be balanced. No matter from  the practicability or aesthetics, the lighting system designed by Sansi for Yuanlin bridge fully meets the expectations of the developers, adding a beautiful landscape to the city.