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Experts in Lighting and Llumination - Sansi LED Ceramic LED Street Light
Experts in Lighting and Llumination - Sansi LED Ceramic LED Street Light
2020-03-06 1019

As an important part of urban construction, street light is mainly used to improve traffic conditions, upgrade road capacity and ensure traffic safety. In recent years, with the development of the city, LED street lights become more and more popular.




Shenjiang South Road, Shanghai


As one of the world-class LED lighting, LED display and integrated system solution provider, SANSI is the leading unit of the 11th Five-Year Plan, the 12th Five-Year Plan and 863 national key research and development plan project. SANSI’s great advantage of the street lights is the ceramic technology. After numerous tests of the ceramic powder proportion, we found that the ceramic has better performance of heat dissipation than the aluminum, which is not electricity conducive and allows the LED chips to be molded directly on the ceramic, making each module PCB and thermal adhesive free. The structure with less components effectively reduces the heat generation. By comparing with the aluminum material, the ceramic is more corrosive resistant for better protection against moisture and air pollution.


What Specifications to Look for in an LED Street Light? 


Product quality

Energy efficiency

Brand awareness

Operating costs

Integrated service


Compared with the traditional street lights, our product features lower energy consumption, unique light distribution and better performance. We have successfully launched ceramic heat dissipation modular LED lighting solutions and carried out plenty domestic and overseas projects. 

Adopting air convection design, proximal cooling structure, patented ceramic heat dissipation LED technology, built-in design of power supply and remote control management, SANSI ceramic LED street lights are designed for easy installation and on-site maintenance, which is durable and reliable.


Hollow-structure design ensures good air ventilation, efficient heat dissipation that promotes a longer lasting light with superior performance.

Modular design, ensuring easy installation and on-site maintenance, energy-efficient and cost saving.



Flexible installation, remote intelligent control management


SANSI LED street light equips with intelligent remote controller. Intelligent lighting management enables you to save on energy and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the long service life of LEDs as well as their low energy consumption are crucial factors in order to reducing operating maintenance and running costs. The showcase project in Shanghai once again demonstrates the multiple facets and superior flexibility of modern LED technology today.



Shenjiang South Road, Shanghai


♦ Based on XQV2 ceramic pixel platform, patented ceramic heat dissipation system. (Patent No. : ZL 2012 2 0091432.4)

♦ Structural design of air convection and proximal cooling, efficient heat dissipation which promotes a longer lasting light with superior performance.

♦ Hollow-structure design ensures good ventilation, effectively reducing wind resistance.

♦ Built-in LED power supply, self-designed IC, effectively reducing THD, energy efficient and cost saving.

♦ Solar energy power supply and conventional power supply are available, environmentally friendly.

♦ Dust-free and corrosion-proof design, suitable for bridge, harbor, coasting area, etc. 

♦ Horizontal installation, 0 - 10° adjustable elevation, meets various road application requirements.


Currently, SANSI ceramic LED street lights are widely used in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, China International Import Expo, Guangzhou urban roads, Hefei highway, Chicago International Airport, streets and roads in Dallas, etc.