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Effective and Efficient-Sansi Supplement Light For Road Monitoring
Effective and Efficient-Sansi Supplement Light For Road Monitoring
2022-06-24 1154

As an indispensable part of the urban traffic monitoring system, the supplement light for road monitoring can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of monitoring and snapshot. However, there have been endless media reports on the dazzling supplement lighting devices recently. How to choose an intelligent and safe supplement light has become a major problem fotr municipal construction projects.



The shortcomings of traditional traffic supplement lights for now are mainly reflected in the following aspects:


1) The supplementary light area wasn’t properly designed, resulting in an excessively large range of the area in need of supplementary lighting, and the stray lighting outside the area can not be effectively controlled.

2) The brightness in the  focal lighting area exceeds the actual demand, which makes it easy to cause dazzling problems for drivers and pedestrians in a wide range, leading to more accidents.

3) The operation and maintenance efficiency of traditional supplementary lights are low but the overall cost is high. So it’s hard to guarantee the reliability and stability of the operation in the long term.


LED supplement light is gradually replacing traditional lights because of its high luminous efficiency, low power consumption and low maintenance cost. In regard of the problems of most supplement lights on the market, Sansi has made many improvements and enhancements in terms of supplement lighting products. Sansi optimized the optical design and reduced the illumination angle to an actual capture area. At the same time, by increasing the luminous area and reducing the luminous intensity in each unit lighting area,  the driver may feel more comfortable when passing the shooting area, thus the safety of driving is ensured.



Further more, Sansi supplement light has higher maintenance efficiency and optical efficiency. The operator can  remotely control and maintain the lights through the network, to effectively monitor the status of the lights and adjust them according to the actual demand to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency.


The technical achievements of Sansi supplement lights for road monitoring have been very effective in restricting and regulating driving behavior, improving driving safety, and protecting the safety of people's property in the cities.