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A Key Feature For LED Industrial Lighting
A Key Feature For LED Industrial Lighting
2021-06-24 1005

High bay lights on the market can normally be divided into traditional light source(incandescent lights, halogen lights and fluorescent lights, etc.) and new-type LED high bay lights. The latter has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, easy dimming and wide application. With the broad market application prospect, LED high bay lights are gradually replacing the traditional ones nowadays.



Although the operation temperature of the LED high bay lights is much lower than that of standard metal halide lights or high-pressure sodium industrial lights, the high temperature still has a greater lethality to them. The high junction temperature is the main reason to aggravate LED light decay and shorten their lifespan. When the junction temperature rises and exceeds the allowable temperature of the relevant regulations, the LED will be damaged due to overheating. So it’s essential for us to take the heat dissipation ability into consideration when we choose the suitable high bay lighting products.


Compared with the common LED lighting fixtures on the market with the main body made of aluminum PCB heat sink, the LED industrial lighting fixtures made up with ceramic heat sinks which adopt a hollow structure design has a more prominent heat dissipation performance. Let’s take SANSI industrial lighting series as an example to see how these two ingenious designs affect the heat dissipation of lights.



Based on ceramic heat sinks, as the unique feature that breaks the traditional limitations of physical structure characteristics, the LED light source is directly welded to the surface of the ceramic heat sink without a Mcpcb process, the system thermal resistance is smaller and the heat dissipation performance is better due to this special material. At the same time, the insulation and corrosion resistance of ceramics promise the durability and quality of the lights.


The hollow structure design makes full use of the limited space to greatly increase the effective heat dissipation area and enhance the heat dissipation capacity of the radiator. At the same time, it helps increasing the convection efficiency of the whole structure in the vertical direction, better reducing the adhesion such as oil and dust on the optical surface. The protective performance reduces the maintenance cost of the lights to a great extent, helping the enterprises improving production efficiency, thus making more profits.