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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

Delivering premium and professional LED Display, LED Lighting, Smart City Integration solutions, trusted by over 60,000 companies worldwide everyday. From industrial lighting to commercial lighting, from outdoor advertising to XR & VR production, Sansi LED greatly improves the quality and sustainability of your business with 30 years of expert experiences.

The Dallas World Aquarium


Digital Backdrop For the Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is located at 1801 N Griffin Street, in downtown Dallas’ West End Historic District. Ever since the facility was converted from an old warehouse and opened in 1992, the aquarium and zoo has expanded to nearby buildings and acquired more diverse wildlife.

The video display is integrated into an open exhibit with several animals and real foliage. It features high-resolution, curated content shot in an actual rainforest to enhance the wildlife ambiance of the popular indoor aquarium and zoo’s Cloud Forest Trek.

The cutting-edge technology was built from the interior line of LED display products and is comprised of approximately 7.5 million pixels. Featuring a 4 mm pixel pitch, the video screen is nearly 25 feet high and 52 feet long (1,890 pixels high by 3,960 pixels wide) for approximately 1,290 square feet of digital canvas.

Immersive Experience

A major component of experience-centered design is immersive experience, broadly defined as one’s experience of being fully engaged in an environment. Examples of this rapidly growing discipline include larger-than-life digital murals, projection mapping, synchronized lighting and imagery, and other experiences that envelop viewers and focus their senses.

In the 21st Century, educational centers like museums and zoos are integrating modern technology to open new avenues to inform and engage visitors. This immersive experience design often uses digital canvases to not only set the mood, but to thrill and inspire guests.