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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

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Gate of the Orient

Suzhou, Gate to the East, Grand Architecture with LED Mesh

The Gate to the East is a skyscraper with a distinctive arch-shaped design, and it is situated in the central business district of Suzhou.


The design for the Gate to the East was inspired by the combined Chinese traditions and western influences of the projects two lead designers.

The result is a mix of westernised pure form and Chinese subtlety. The project introduces a dramatic iconic ‘gateway’ to the city of Suzhou and represents the significance of the China in the world today. As the focal point of the new central business district, the Gate to the East has drawn inspiration from the historic and cultural references of the traditional famous Gardens of Suzhou. The Gate to the East stands almost 300m high and sits directly above a major underground rail interchange, which is fully integrated into the building.

The integration of LED mesh in architecture is a contemporary and dynamic approach that allows buildings to display vibrant lighting effects, patterns, and even dynamic content.

Sansi LED’s outdoor LED mesh display was chosen to cover this grand project, actually the LED mesh displays have been widely applied in several prestigious buildings you may know, such as The Bay Lights (San Francisco, USA), it is an art installation on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. It features a series of 25,000 LED lights attached to the bridge's cables, creating a mesmerizing light display. Leo Villareal, the artist behind the project, programmed the lights to produce intricate patterns. Beijing National Aquatics Center (Beijing, China), also known as the Water Cube, this iconic venue from the 2008 Beijing Olympics has been transformed with a stunning LED façade. The LED lights cover the building's surface, creating a vibrant and colorful display. Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE), the world's tallest building, often features LED light shows on its exterior. The lighting system allows for various color schemes, animations, and patterns, turning the tower into a giant display screen. Empire State Building (New York City, USA), the Empire State Building occasionally incorporates LED lighting displays for special events or celebrations. The LED lights can illuminate the building in different colors and patterns. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore), it features a striking architecture with an integrated LED lighting system. The lights are used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building during the night. The Edge (Amsterdam, Netherlands), a sustainable office building in Amsterdam known for its innovative design. The building's façade incorporates LED lighting, allowing for dynamic lighting effects and energy-efficient illumination.