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Sansi LED Smart Street Light Poles And Multi-Pole Integrated Solutions Accelerate Urban Development

Sansi LED Smart Street Light Poles And Multi-Pole Integrated Solutions Accelerate Urban Development

2024-01-31 359

The emergence of smart street light poles brought significant revolutions to urban lighting and traffic management. To solve common issues with traditional lighting infrastructure such as a large number of poles affecting urban aesthetics, short service life, high energy consumption, and frequent failures of traditional high-pressure sodium lights, the research team of Sansi LED will customize the most suitable solution based on the actual requirements of the customers.


Improve Road Quality & Beautification

Sansi LED smart street lamp integrates road infrastructure such as lighting poles, signs, road name plates, surveillance equipment, traffic lights, and communication devices. It effectively solves the common issues of incompatible lighting, surveillance, and urban beautification. Additionally, the ceramic heat dissipation luminaires have characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance, making them highly suitable for road environments in coastal cities.


Meeting High-Quality Travel Requirements

The significant improvement in the level of intelligence has also reduced maintenance costs and improved management efficiency. In the case of low-lying terrain, Sansi LED smart street light has strong wind resistance and can also monitor water levels in the extreme weathers, enabling timely responses to enhance urban comfort and safety. It can promptly provide feedback on a series of safety hazards such as tilted lamp posts, electricity leakage, and water leakage, while strengthening the security of lamp posts to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of citizens.


Digital System Enhances Management Efficiency

Sansi LED smart light system is equipped with 10+N functions, including intelligent traffic control, fault alarm, environmental monitoring, LED screens, public broadcasting, and more. With the powerful edge computing capabilities, it achieves comprehensive perception of real-time roads and environment conditions, providing stable management of the city and injecting intelligence into the city life.


The self-developed Sansi Cloud System is a comprehensive management platform based on big data collection, storage, real-time tracking, and monitoring of product status. It is widely used in the Sansi Smart Street Lighting System. The StarRiverPro platform is used to control and monitor the lights and other devices made by Sansi LED. Its functions are generally divided into eight parts: asset management, permission management, system operation and maintenance, smart street lighting, media release, fault management, report management, and domain management.