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New Solution For Wide Range Lighting: Sansi High Pole Lights

New Solution For Wide Range Lighting: Sansi High Pole Lights

2022-06-01 898

With the continuous development and progress of lighting technology, the requirements for aerial lighting (over 15 meters high) are also getting higher and higher. Then the high pole lights emerged, which can meet various lighting applications including urban squares, stations, ports, airports, stadiums. As the core application product of "aerial lighting", the high pole light plays a very important role in ensuring a safe night environment.



Port lighting is not only a necessary condition for the safe production of port terminals, but also an important safeguard measure to ensure the production of the ports and the safety of ships, vehicles and personnel at nighttime. For the working environment requirements of different port areas, the required power or quantity of lighting fixtures is also different, and the height of the poles varies from 20 meters, 25 meters, 30 meters, and 40 meters.



As an important part of the entire airport lighting system, the high-pole light is related to the normal entry and departure of flights, and even the safety of passenger travel in the airport environment. A reasonable lighting solutions can also handle with the over-bright, over-exposure, uneven illumination, high energy consumption and other undesirable phenomena.




The LED high-pole light installed outside the sports stadiums and citizen squares is a kind of lighting product with strong practicability and high cost performance. Besides its basic lighting function, it can also beautify the environment as a lighting decoration. Sansi high pole light adopts hollow structure, which can reduce wind resistance and the impact on the overall balance of the light pole when exposed to wind. The installation period is flexible and variable, which can be adjusted at any time according to on-site installation conditions.



Sansi LED high pole light is a representative LED energy-saving lighting product independently developed by Shanghai Sansi with its unique ceramic heat dissipation, which has the characteristics of high light efficiency, wind resistance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, uniform illumination, intelligent control and so on, meeting the requirements of harsh weather operating environment.