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Application Advantages of Sansi Intelligent Tunnel Lighting Control System

Application Advantages of Sansi Intelligent Tunnel Lighting Control System

2023-12-13 289

Based on the Sansi self-developed reflective lighting technology, the continuous light belt design scheme is used to achieve uniform and sufficient brightness in the tunnel without visible glare, effectively solving common issues such as uniformity, glare, flickering, and safety guidance in tunnels. With the support of Sansi intelligent lighting control system, it not only ensures the lighting effect but also comprehensively considers the installation and maintenance issues in the later stage, providing integrated support services for tunnel operation and maintenance.


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Based on the RS485 bus control system, combined with the monitoring of the external light environment of the tunnel, Sansi Smart Lighting Management Platform is able to realize intelligent control functions such as individual lamp control, lamp dimming, lamp operation data query, fault information feedback & positioning, energy consumption statistics, and traffic flow processing. Combined with multiple control modes including light control, time control and manual control, it can broadcast, multicast, unicast, and accurately control each lamp in the line.


The main application advantages of Sansi intelligent tunnel lighting control system:


On-demand lighting

Segmented control of tunnel lighting and secondary dimming design help to avoid traditional timed and constant brightness control methods, thus saving energy for the management department.


Fault feedback

Remote monitoring, fault reminder feedback, facilitating maintenance and repair by operating units, improving work efficiency, and facilitating response to emergencies.


Intelligent operation and maintenance

7*24 energy consumption monitoring and data analysis, facilitating response to different operational modes and natural environments, and solving the problem of inconvenient traditional control supervision.


Reliable and durable

Adopt Sansi intelligent tunnel lighting control system can improve the energy efficiency of the lights, achieving energy saving and reducing chip junction temperature, thereby extending the service life of the lights.


Sansi intelligent tunnel lighting control system not only creates a sensory experience for drivers without adverse visual effects (graininess, flashing, or zebra crossing, etc.), but also improves energy utilization and effectively saves tunnel lighting operation costs.