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Our Solutions

  • Shop Window Advertising Solution

    Shop window LED display builds a forthright way for retailers to be interactive with customers. Your effort to reach to shoppers and to promote brands can be well achieved with Sansi shop window advertising solutions.
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  • LED Street Lighting Solution

    Sansi is a leader in LED innovation and is dedicated to providing the ultimate lighting experience. In accordance with The American Medical Association (AMA), Sansi is committed to minimizing health and environmental risks…
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Our Cases

  • Citizen 1500 Broadway,Times Square,NY,US

    SANSI custom-designed, cutting-edge, high-resolution outdoor 8 mm LED digital displays were added in Citizen 1500 Broadway, Times Square, consisting of 270 pixels high by 2320 pixels wide for a total of 626, 400 pixels.
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  • 1515 Broadway, Times Square, NY, US

    SANSI installed another two arc-shaped LED video displays in the center of Times Square bow-tie at 1515 Broadway recently, adjacent to the MTV studios.
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  • 719 7th Ave, Times Square, NY

    SANSI installed a unique, vertically designed LED display at 719 7th Avenue in Times Square. There are seven LED screens that make up the LED spectacular at the site, located at the southeast corner of 7th Ave and 48th St in Midtown Manhattan. All screens are built with a 10 mm pixel pitch.
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Our Services

  • Our Services

    On the strength of our cutting-edge technologies, precise market positioning, and customer research, SANSI has developed a service capability that fully meets our client’s requirements. SANSI is a provider of professional solutions for a range of industries, including advertising, sports, staging, television, transportation, etc. 

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