Voltage:AC 120V/220V 50Hz


IP Rating: IP20

Disinfection Factor: UVC

Applications: Dinning Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, etc.

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Product Introduction

Sansi C21SJ-TD04 UV disinfection light, which is a high-efficiency disinfection product with anti-UV material that is not easy to age and has more stable and reliable performance. The high-quality gas discharge UVC light is used in this product, which has low light decay and strong irradiance, and can be sterilized in 360° all directions, with a sterilization effect of 99.99%; Equipped with a radar sensor, when it detects someone nearby, it will automatically turn off the ultraviolet light to avoid harm to people caused by UVC ultraviolet rays, and it is suitable for indoor disinfection places such as homes, hotels, and hospitals.


Product Features



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Technical Parameters

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