A newly updated indoor LED display series with fine small pitches

New Exterior surface treatment technology,exterior surface treatment technology

Designed for the indoor commercial and professional application scenarios 

New exterior surface treatment technology

Extremely matte black,non-reflective display

Vivid colors & fine details


Product Features

4K/8K Immaculate display quality,

Ultra thin,utra high contrast ratio & ultra light-weighted

Ink Black & non-reflective, super black coating

Micro fine pitch & larger size,slim structure, larger resolution.

Excellent protection with full flip-chip technology, not easy to die, stable & reliable

Dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-bump, anti-oxidant, anti-static, anti blue-light




Application Scenario

The MicroLED display is designed for indoor commercial and professional application scenarios like monitoring center, conference center, high-end commercial setting, studio, museum, exhibitions & shows, high-end exhibition hall and other professional settings.

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More of SANSI LED products' applications in its related scenarios, exclusive customizations with customers' specific requirements

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