Exclusive viewing experience with high refresh rate to achieve real-time broadcasting with no delay.


Easy installation and flexible maintenance, designed and made easy for maintenance 


High reliability and ultra-low failure rate that ensure the display to function with no fault


IP65 rated high protection level, prefect for outdoor application, compliant to CE, UEFA.

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Product Description

XQII series is specifically designed SMD stadium LED display for sports stadium related application scenarios, high fresh rate, unique lifting design, flexible maintenance, high efficient heat dissipation and more amazing features

Product Features

High Fresh Rate
Top-class driver chip with PWM function.
Static scanning mode.
Refresh rate up to 3840Hz.
Smooth image transmission, true-color & stable live program presentation.

Industrial-Level Suppressing Connector
High reliability, satisfying over hundred thousand times of hot-swapping.
Combining power and signal lines.
15 um golden pins.
Suitable for rental and fixing application scenarios with fast and easy installation design

High Efficient Heat Dissipation
Fanless, aluminum structure, and better heat-dissipating 

Unique Structure Design

Unique Lifting Design
Cabinet is equipped with supporting stand at the bottom, better stability and reliability.
0-50mm adjustable space in height, for ideal display effect.

Flexible Maintenance
Rear maintenance with hot-swapping, easy and convenient.
Locking system between cabinets, achieving seamless and smooth assembling overall the display.

Humanized Protection Design
Soft mask on the front and anti-collision device on the top and bottom of the cabinet,
for the full protection of sportsmen and display equipment.

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Technical Parameters

Series XQII
Pixel Pitch 12.5mm
Cabinet Resolution(W*H) 128*72
Cabinet Size(W*H) 1600*900mm
Refresh Frame Rate 50/60Hz
IP Rating IP65
Cabinet Material Aluminum
Brightness 6000nits
Viewing Angle 140°*65°
Input Voltage 85-265VAC


Above parameters are typical values, which are adjustable according to different project reqiurements.


More of SANSI LED products' applications in its related scenarios, exclusive customizations with customers' specific requirements

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