Retail LED display for indoor scenarios 


 High brigtness that could be viewed in considerable distance


 Suitable for various customizations according to your specific application scenarios


 Easy installations with ultra-thin cabinet & standard frame structures, easy to operate

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Product Description

VWIII series is designed for retail purposes to be applied in outdoor and indoor scenarios, high brigtness and easy multiple installations, make it suitable for various customizations


Product Features

Full Frontal Accessible Serviceability
Magnetic front serviceability. Modules, control boards and power supply can be removed and maintained from the front of the cabinet. Installation and maintenance are not restricted by space.

Various Installation Methods
Wall-munting & ground standing installation, ultra-thin cabinet & standard frame structure

Creative Design Enabled
Endless Creativity 90°rotating installation & 90° corner installation

Wireless Connection Design
Designed without any wiring connections



Product Highlights


What kind of LED products or service do you want ? Where are your projects ? If you are a Brand Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer, Project Distributor or Developer; or just want to do Brand OEM, please leave us a message, we will have you a more accurate quotation in time.

Technical Parameters


Series VWⅢ2.5 VWⅢ2.5X VWⅢ4 VWⅢ4X
Pixel Pitch 2.5 mm/4 mm
Cabinet Size(W×H×D) 640mm × 360mm × 39mm       /      320mm × 360mm × 39mm
Serviceability Front
Viewing Angle (HxV) 160° x 160°


Above parameters are typical values, which are adjustable according to different project reqiurements.


More of SANSI LED products' applications in its related scenarios, exclusive customizations with customers' specific requirements

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