High transparency with outstanding visual performance


Lightweight design that it cause not much pressure to the overall structure


High brightness that it could be viewed with considerable distance


Modular design with flexible installation made easy, easy to change modules when necessary

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Product Description

TS series LED display is with high-transparency material design that ensures outstanding visual performance, advanced video processing produces crystal-clear images, one of a kind transparent LED display on the market to uplift the exterior appearance of your project

Product Features

High-transparency material design ensures outstanding visual performance, advanced video processing produces crystal-clear images.
Slim, light-weight LED panels (9kg/m2 ) combine low-transport costs and reduced storage volume with easy handing feature.
Innovative quick locking system without traditional screw design, more solid, more accurate. Easy to install.
Standard module, maintain in seconds with simply replace a single module, saving maintenance costs.
Unique light bar structure provides expanded flexibility to offer a range of various creative applications.
Wireless connectivity with mobile device, Phones and PC can directly transmit images to the screen for quick and easy sharing.

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Technical Parameters

TS Technical Parameter


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