CRI: 70

Efficacy: 120lm/W

Application:Street lights, post tops, area lights, parking garages and other existing fixtures.

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Product Introduction

C21LP-EN LED retrofit kit is designed to replace HID or HPS in outdoor existing fixtures. It uses SANSI COC technology and unique optical lens design to ensure higher energy saving and reliable operation over committed lifetime, even in severe climate.




A broad range of lumen outputs with Nichia LED chip to ensure maximum efficiency at all lighting levels.

Wattage 30W, 60W, 90W, 120W, input voltage AC100-277V, meeting various application requirements.

Unique optical lens design, ensuring excellent light distribution.

Designed for operations under diverse environment from -35˚C to 55˚C.

Easy installation and serviceability with simple tools.

SANSI COC (Chip on Ceramic) Technology. Patented ceramic heat sink technology, faster heat dissipation, making for longer life class for luminaire.


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Technical Parameters

Model Wattage Luminous Flux Power Factor CCT CRI IP Rating Frequency Lifetime
C21LP-EN 30W 30W 3600lm 0.9 4000K 70 IP65 50Hz/60Hz 50,000hrs
C21LP-EN 60W 60W 7200lm 0.9 4000K 70 IP65 50Hz/60Hz 50,000hrs
C21LP-EN 90W 90W 11000lm 0.9 4000K 70 IP65 50Hz/60Hz 50,000hrs
C21LP-EN 120W 120W 14500lm 0.9 4000K 70 IP65 50Hz/60Hz 50,000hrs


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