Voltage: 90~264VAC


IP Rating:IP65

Color Temperature:4000K/5000K

Application:High express way, tunnels, subway, gas station, etc.

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Product Introduction

C0810-XC reflective LED tunnel light is an energy-efficient lamp. It uses high-efficiency LED as light source, with longer lifespan. The reflected light does not cause glare or other adverse reactions. The light body is made of high-strength, tough aluminum alloy material.



Reflective LED lighting with simple appearance and easy to use.

Strong impact resistance with IP 65: dustproof and waterproof, corrosion-resistant and rust-proof.

Highly permeable matte PC cover ensures light efficiency and prevents glare effectively.

Technical light distribution design to improve tunnel lighting utilization.

Support multiple intelligent dimming methods.

The product is moisture-proof, waterproof, transparent, easy to install disassemble and maintain.


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Technical Parameters

Model Wattage Luminous Flux CCT CRI Temperature Dimension Weight
C0810-XC-35W 35W 3500lm 4000K/5000K ≥65 -40℃-+55℃ 748*184*195 5.8kg
C0810-XC-40W 40W 4000lm 4000K/5000K ≥65 -40℃-+55℃ 748*184*195 5.8kg
C0810-XC-50W 50W 5000lm 4000K/5000K ≥65 -40℃-+55℃ 748*184*195 5.8kg
C0810-XC-60W 60W 6000lm 4000K/5000K ≥65 -40℃-+55℃ 748*184*195 5.8kg
C0810-XC-70W 70W 7000lm 4000K/5000K ≥65 -40℃-+55℃ 748*184*195 5.8kg


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