Fantasy with HBO Orbit Virtual & Interactive Technology


With the rapid development of digital multimedia and virtual technology, interactive creativity appears in more and more aspects in our daily life. Orbit use cutting-edge emerging streaming and virtual technologies to expose the viewers to a vast universe of content.



Interaction, that's what makes Orbit so engaging and outstanding. It engages viewers' multiple senses, allowing viewers to watch more than 150,000 HBO Max videos online using a non-touch method via a huge interactive wall. This is all achieved with the three technologies that Orbit is equipped with:

-Bone tracking

Capture the user's body movements and play relevant pictures on the screen, allowing users to explore the Max resource library through their body movements.


-Face tracking

Capture the user's facial expressions and head position, and also to match and play relevant pictures on the screen.


-Voice recognition

Users only need to say their favorite lines or sentences, they can be matched in real time with the resources in the HBO Max library, and they can be played instantly on the screen.



Through the dynamic combination of the three technologies, Orbit allows viewers to explore and interact with thousands of iconic moments, characters and stories from the HBO Max library in a personalized and intuitive way, bringing the unexpected experience to the audience.



The Orbit large screen and system solution provider is Shanghai Sansi, an LED display technology company. In the area of interactive technology, LED displays and systems are intertwined and integral components of the technology. With strong R&D customization capabilities, Sansi exclusively customized the interactive LED display for Orbit. The screen is composed of Sansi ultra-high-definition small-pitch LED displays. The semi-circular arc design and ultra-wide viewing angle create an immersive audio-visual feast; high precision ensures clear and bright picture quality, and seamless splicing ensures smooth and natural presentation of the displaying materials; it is a P1.56 customization with a total of 5.7 million pixels, which supports 4K playback, allowing users to get a high-definition and comfortable visual experience during close-up interaction.



Sansi ultra-high-definition fine pitch LED display also has a high-reliability intelligent module. The module has its own storage and correction data, spare parts could be easily replaced with no hassle; user-level monitoring & troubleshooting can effectively reduce the failure rate; unique distributed CPU improves operating efficiency more than 4 times than normal ones and the display effect is much smoother.


"It's an incredible idea and technology," say Orbit's designers, as it uses design and creative technology to create a digital "palace of discovery" for users. The interactive experience combined with 5G, VR and other technologies will undoubtedly set off a technological revolution; and the journey of creative display will set afar.

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