Sansi LED Display Customization in the Conference Room in Jingxin Express


Recently the LED display and system in Xinjiang Jingxin high-speed conference room , which was undertaken and customized by Shanghai Sansi, was successfully completed and officially put into use. The customized conference LED display and system have changed the forms of traditional meeting and made it more effective in a more innovative way as well as in improving the participation of the conference participants.


The conference room LED display is a Sansi P1.875 small-pitch full-color display with real colors. The display has a wide viewing angle, no joints effect in the broadcasting of pictures or videos, clear and smooth display details, and vivid pictures without mosaics. The specially customized conference control system has a high refresh rate and can switch between different conference display interfaces at very high speed and in real time smoothly, which greatly improves the efficiency of conference meetings to a certain extent. The possibility of smooth display and playback of pictures, texts and videos greatly improves the participation of conference participants.


The installation method of front maintenance of the LED display screen does not occupy nor need to reserve additional channels, which is convenient for installation; it is also more convenient for subsequent maintenance and overhaul. The installation method of front maintenance not only saves space but also perfectly preserves the structure and decoration of the meeting room to a certain extent, which can be well integrated with the indoor space and bring different presentation effects. 


For the past 28 years, Shanghai Sansi has undertaken a number of conference display design and exclusive customizations. It has all round experience in conference room LED display customization and system configuration, and has provided our customers with their desired high-quality solutions.



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