SANSI's Programmable LED Grow Lights for Horticulture Lighting


The successful greenhouse grower will be mindful of the various crops being grown in the greenhouse and their individual lighting needs, and will ensure plants have sufficient spacing to receive the available light. Designed specifically to provide supplementary lighting for greenhouse, LED grow light can improve diverse growth parameters.

"Our heads of lettuce are a lot bigger, denser and heavier, and fill the package more than our local hydroponically-grown competitors of the same variety." - Owner of lettuce farm in Ohio. Lettuce farm is using SANSI C2020-BE ceramic LED grow lights to promote growth and increase production. Definitely, SANSI horticultural LED grow lights are customized for you, the farmer. Our solutions provide substantial savings for the farming environment you want.


SANSI Grow Lights


SANSI Grow Lights


Smart Life with SANSI Grow Lights


Ceramic LED Technology


SANSI’s Independent Pixel Heat Sink® Technology provides both even and fast heat dissipation for each LED light pixel.

Each LED light pixel becomes its own heat dissipation source increasing our photon density per watt (PPF/W).

If using aluminum, LED chips are molded to PC boards and thermal adhesive are necessary as aluminum. It is conducive to electricity. LED chips are mounted directly to the ceramic allowing us to increase our photon density per watt.



SANSI Ceramic LED Technology

LED chips are placed directly onto the ceramic body, omitting the need for both PC boards and thermally conductive adhesives. Each LED pixel is its own ceramic heat sink eliminating the need for fans, plates, and housing.


Consistent Spectrum Distribution


Using SANSI optics, each module provides an evenly distributed spectrum ensuring each plant receives an equal amount of light. SANSI offers significant grow lighting solutions for vertical farming, commercial greenhouse, indoor farming, etc.


sansi Consistent Spectrum Distribution


SANSI LED Grow Lights


Smart control on spectrum

There is an intelligent control on lighting spectrum, meeting different plant growth needs. High quality LED light source and high luminous efficiency. 90% of the light can be absorbed by plants and flowers, life expectancy can be up to 50,000 hours.


Common spectra customization for vegetative and flowering environments


Application Blue (400-499nm) Green (500-599nm) Red (600-699nm) Far Red (700-780nm) PPF (µmol/s) Efficacy
Vegetative 55.56% 4.34% 39.20% 0.90% 1650 3.91
Flowering 24.48% 4.34% 70.28% 0.90% 1577 3.73


Wire Free, Plug-In Module Connections


There is no wire connection between the module unit and the light body making it convenient and easy for assembly and maintenance.

LED ceramic grow light is a high-quality light source product with a compact structure and delicate outline. Applied in the entire growth cycle of plants, it is the ideal lighting products for indoor and green house farming.

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