How to Choose the Brightness of LED Displays for Different Scenarios?


In the field of LED displays, which is divided into indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays in general. In order to make LED displays have excellent performance in different lighting environments, it is often necessary to adjust the brightness according to its application.


The brightness of the outdoor LED displays is usually closely related to the installation position, orientation, and surrounding environment of the display’s application. If the outdoor LED display is installed facing southwards, the brightness of the display is relatively high around 7000cd/m2. When the outdoor LED display is facing North, sunshine would be more direct, meaning the brightness can be lower at around 5500cd/m2; If the outdoor display screen is in a city sheltered by tall buildings or trees, the brightness should be around 4000cd/m2.



The brightness of an indoor LED display can be lower than outdoor screens. However, each screen’s brightness is still subject to their installation and application. If it is installed on the window side for external playback, the brightness is around 3000cd/m2; if it is installed on the window side for internal playback, the brightness is around 2000cd/m2; the brightness of an indoor LED displays is around 1000cd/m2 if installed in ordinary shopping malls; the brightness of an LED display in a conference room is about 300cd/m2~600cd/m2, and the brightness requirement is proportional to the size of the conference room. But the brightness of an LED display is generally not higher than 100cd/m2 in a TV studio. 


The lighting environment is not only related to the geographical location and orientation of the LED display, but also closely related to the changes in the seasons and climatic environment. Therefore, the customized display application solutions are also indispensable in practical applications. 


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