Shop Window Advertising Under LED Technology


The coming of the holiday season is of vital importance to the real economy. In the 1870s, the Macy's, once regarded as the undisputed king of California retailers, created the first Christmas window in New York. This dream-like gorgeous visual marketing has since become a seasonal tradition, and also a powerful marketing booster. A research in 2015 have shown that even if e-commerce began to rise, holiday windows still affect 24% of holiday consumption. The exquisite window design will certainly catch the eyes of tourists and local residents.




Different from the pasttime that people utilize the creative placement of ornaments and decorations to present a great window display effect, nowadays more and more retailers use LED  displays as a carrier of promotion due to the rapid development of LED. No matter in commercial streets or some large shopping malls, you could see LED window displays everywhere with vivid and colorful advertisements. It combines the decorative concept of the shop window with LED technology, gives full play to the advantages of the dynamic effect of the display, transmits product information, and shapes the brand features.


The convenience and wide utility is one of the main advantages of the LED retail displays. The retailers can manage and change the contents or images at will. Through remote control and content management, it could realize a network of multiple shop window displays. Customers can upload and replace advertising theme such as new products and product promotions according to their requirements, which greatly reduces the time cost and labor cost to maintain the windows.


The LED display also brings great possibility to your creativity. In most people's mind, the shop window should be the placement of items in an oblong or square window. However, the appearance of LED changes everything. The flexibility and convenience of the LED modules makes it easy to install the‘shop window’ as whatever you want it to be. The retailers could design a creative window with specific holiday theme to attract customers. 


Another advantage of the LED display is stability and security. The equipment has communication backup function, failures such as poor contact in a certain link will not affect the display effect, ensuring the reliability of the system. On the other side, some features including the ergonomic cabinet design, good heat dissipation, no-noise interference, brightness self-adjustment function and low energy consumption makes the LED display stable and safe while offering a colorful scene.


The professionalintegratedaudio-visual technology solutions have been widelyused in retail stores, and LED commercial display solutionsare also rapidly developing nowadays.It won't be too long for this new form of retailer advertising to replace traditional shop windows. 

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