How to Choose Rental LED Display


What is rental LED display?



Compared with usual fixed -mounted LED display, the rental LED display can be moved freely and frequently to meet the requirements of different projects and scenarios, which is commonly used in large and medium-sized performances and activities.




Tips you should know about rental LED display


After an event is held, the LED rental screen needs to be disassembled and transported to another place for installation. Therefore, the cabinet design of rental LED display usually needs to consider the following features.




Security and durability: In order to improve the efficiency of installation and disassembly, the LED module is light, and the connection should be firm, reliable and easy to detect so as to meet various needs such as frequent transportation, disassembly, and splicing.


Stable operation in severe environments: Due to the demand for outdoor performance projects, the cabinet of LED rental display should meet the protection level of IP65 to resist the erosion of a large amount of outdoor rain and dust.



Easy disassembly and maintenance of power supply: Relatively speaking, the failure rate of LED display power supply is higher than other components. Rental displays has a frequent demand of being disassembled, installed and debugged so that the structure of the power box needs to be easy to maintain.


Stable display effect: For the stage of digital technology, the flatness, brightness, color reproduction and other parameters of the LED display are closely related to the display effect. The reliable power backup technology also ensures that even when part of power supply fails for the rental screen, the surrounding power supply can automatically supply power to the LED display, which will not affect the overall performance of the stage program.


As one of the representatives of high-end rental screens in the market, Sansi LED rental screens are characterized by lightness, thinness,convenient installation and maintenance. At the beginning of the project, Sansi has always simulated usage scenarios based on the requirements of our customers, considered how to reduce product damage that may be caused by frequent disassembly and assembly, and solved the problem of product maintenance convenience.

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