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Some Tips You Should Know When Growing Succulents in Summer
Some Tips You Should Know When Growing Succulents in Summer
2021-08-16 1246

In summer, the growers of succulents often find that their plants die suddenly. In this season, there are many factors that can cause the death of succulents, which can be summarized as follows.



Strong sunlight, easy to be dehydrated and dried


If we don't drink water in time on a hot day, our body will be easily dehydrated, which will bring all kinds of harm to the body. In fact, succulents are also prone to dehydration just like human. Although this kind of plant prefers sunlight, but if the light is too strong and the temperature exceeds 35 ℃, the succulent leaves will start to sunburn and die. After a long time exposure to the sunlight, the temperature of the soil also rises. In a warm and humid environment, the fleshy roots cannot breathe smoothly and are prone to die.





Many novice plant enthusiasts are worried that the succulents will die in the sun during the extremely hot season. So they try to cool the succulents by watering them time after time, which easily accelerates the death of plants.


The summer and winter are the dormant periods of succulents. At this time, the plants grow slowly or stop growing, the functions such as absorption, synthesis and release of nutrient water are reduced. At this time, you should water less and control the temperature to keep the soil dry,   avoiding damage to the roots of the plants. The dormant temperature in summer should be controlled at 25℃~35℃.



Soil or ventilation problems

Succulents are suitable for growing in loose and air-permeable soil. If the soil has poor air permeability, the plant roots will not breathe smoothly, and it is easy to accumulate water after watering, resulting in root decay.


In addition to soil problems, ventilation is also particularly important in summer. A good ventilation environment not only allows the excess water in the flowerpot to evaporate, but also reduces the occurrence of pests and diseases. Therefore, during the dormant period of succulents in summer, it is recommended to water the succulents slightly to loosen the soil, and then put them in a ventilated environment.



Insufficient indoor light


As the saying goes, ‘All growth depends on the sun.’ Insufficient light will affect the photosynthesis of plants, resulting in abnormal growth of plants and weak rhizomes, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off over time in the environment of lacking light.


Unlike water, temperature, soil, and fertilizers, the sun is difficult to replace. At this time, the indoor grow lights play a key role, such as Sansi's full-spectrum grow lights that have been well received by plant lovers.