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Smart Pole System: The Neuron of Smart City

Smart Pole System: The Neuron of Smart City

2021-12-01 1626

As the infrastructure which can be seen everywhere in urban roads, every seemingly inconspicuous road light by the roadside may be the neuron of this city with the advent of the 5G network era. These intensive infrastructures are quietly changing the refined management process of the city.

Through modern network technology, smart street lights and smart light poles are playing more and more important role in our daily life. These light poles integrate multiple comprehensive functions such as charging pilesvideo surveillanceenvironmental monitoring and information release. All these functions enable the smart poles to become an significant as well as an essential part during the construction of a smart city.



Key facilities for city refined management

The refined management of the city requires and depends on a great amount of data. The smart pole system can both collect and release various kinds of information in real time by taking advantage of its wide and tight distribution on various roads in the city. Through the period of collection and the analysis of data and information, it provides a timely data support for the refined management of the city builders and managers.


An important entrance for smart city construction

It’s an era of Internet of Things. We can also realize and create the entrance to the construction of smart cities with the “network of lights” through smart poles, and escorting the construction of smart cities with these infrastructure. At the same time, the integrated function of the smart light pole saves the cost of system layout for the construction of smart cities, and achieves an efficient construction of one pole with mulitple functions.


In the future, the smart light poles will continue to adhere to the concept of the Internet of Things and evolve a new type of urban refinement concept such as the "Internet of Lights" into the nerves of smart cities.