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The basis is our global network in which we bring together the knowledge and experience of countless industries. Our experts will support you with tailor-made products and excellent services according to your specific needs.

After-Sale Service

On the strength of our cutting-edge technologies, precise market positioning, and customer research, SANSI has developed a service capability that fully meets our client’s requirements. SANSI is a provider of professional solutions for a range of industries, including advertising, sports, staging, television, transportation, etc. 

SANSI employs more than 400 R&D engineers specialized in LED applications in computer hardware, software, digital communications, automation, photoelectric display and mechanical structure. With the backing of this highly-qualified research team, SANSI is capable of developing professional, personalized LED solutions to our customers.

We provide LED lighting and display solutions to multiple high-profile clients every year, including national governments, urban infrastructure organizations, advertising companies, and major events. 

SANSI is not content to rest on our past achievements, however considerable they are. We will continue to explore and expand, in the hope of making our LED application solutions available in every corner of the globe. Our primary drive is to take lighting and digital display to a new level!