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SANSI is committed to customize solutions for your unique application from designing to manufacturing and installation. No matter what your project requires, we are here to provide you with a custom solution that fits your needs.

Sports Solution

In the sports industry, LED displays play a key role in atrracting fans, giving fans the full game-day experience. SANSI outdoor LED displays offer multiple cuttin-edge technical advantages for a wide range of applications in sports industry.


Engage Fans From the Street to Seats

SANSI LED displays for basketball and stadium venues offer multiple advantages that engage live audiences with real-time audio and displays. Currently, SANSI has approximately 100 stadium LED displays installed in worldwide including the Verizon Center in Washington D.C and ECU stadium, etc.

How to choose LED displays for sports industry?


Wide range of pixel pitches for different applications

Easy to install and maintain

High brightness, high gray level, high refresh rate

Allow remote control and real-time broadcasting

High-quality image, accurate scoring system

Image Gallery

  • sports-arena-led-display
  • sports-arena-led-display
  • sports-arena-led-display



Center Hung LED Display

Sansi central hung LED display, on one hand, achieves functions of data displaying such as scoring, timing and players’ scoring statistic; on the other hand, Sansi central Hung LED display plays a necessary role in interaction with the audience by playback.

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