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SANSI is committed to customize solutions for your unique application from designing to manufacturing and installation and sales services as well. We're here to provide customizable solutions to your specific requirements and needs.

SANSI COC (Chip on Ceramic) Grow Light

An Easier Way for Growers to Increase Production

SANSI, as a leader in lighting technology, is at the forefront of advancements in grow lighting from LED grow lights to complete solutions. After extensive research and experimenting on plants and grows, SANSI has successfully launched its grow light series customized for greenhouses, growth chambers, vertical farms and home. Our product features customized spectrum, controllable illumination time, uniformed illuminance, and supportable remote-control. Our ceramic technology is developed to solve the problems that growers face. With cutting-edge LED innovations at our command, we can custom-build a science-based solution for customers.

What is COC LED Technology?

Patented Ceramic LED Technology  (patent No. CN ZL 2012 2 0091432.4)


With each Independent Heat Sink® being PCB and adhesive free, it allows the bulb to dissipate heat much faster than other LED’s. Prolonging the life of the bulbs.SANSI’s LED chips are mounted onto the ceramic directly, the LED chip(s) for SANSI’s LED lights are both PC board and thermal adhesive free. Compared with traditional heat dissipation systems, SANSI’s ceramic heat dissipation system prolongs the life of the LED light.

Product highlights


High Quality

SANSI uniformed light distribution ensures that there is no peaks and valleys of light intensity, to enhance crop appearance, taste and nutritional values.

Maximize Yield

Consistency in light and customized spectrum can put plant growth in balance, leading to higher yields and better crop production efficiency.


Energy Efficiency

SANSI ceramic LED grow light series use active cooling with ceramic heat sink, and greatly extends lifetime. Fan and water cooling system is not needed, which saves energy and maintenance cost.

Smart Light Control

SANSI smart light control system with adjustable-spectrum LEDs, centralizing light management and providing great assistance to growers.


Commercial Greenhouse

Especially designed to provide supplementary lighting for large-scale greenhouses, C2020-BE series, All-wing series and inter light feature smart remote control, customizable smart spectrum, high PPFD and high energy efficiency. SANSI toplighting solution adopts self-produced COC LED technology, opens up new opportunities for every greenhouse grower to increase their quality and yields.







Vertical Farming

New C2010 CE series striped LED grow light is purposefully designed for vertical farming usage with a thickness design and high PPFD value. Suitable for multilayer, indoor cultivation of herbs and leafy greens.





Residential Applications

SANSI smart grow bulbs (15W/24W/36W) are suitable for different periods of different plants, comprehensively promote plant photosynthesis. It makes it easy to grow healthy and tasty lettuce, herbs, and vegetables at home.




Smart Control System

Smart control system can support up to 64 groups to meet all user control requirements. Lights are in single-control or group control. On/off time, lighting time and dimming levels can be intelligently controlled by the app. Spectral customization has met the different needs and stages of plant growth.