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SANSI is committed to customize solutions for your unique application from designing to manufacturing and installation and sales services as well. We're here to provide customizable solutions to your specific requirements and needs.

Why SANSI for Outdoor Advertising Solutions?

LED displays in high-traffic areas are changing the face of our public spaces. SANSI is on the forefront of these trends with high-end LED display offerings that are designed for the rigors of public venue installations, while delivering beautiful imagery befitting the world's leading brands.


The largest 8, 000 ㎡LED display network in Times Squre

Total 8, 000 ㎡ LED displays installed in Times Square occupied more than 50% maket share for several years.SANSI has one of the industry's widest outdoor offerings, including products ranging in pixel pitch from 2.5mm to 25mm. In addition to a range of pixel densities, display products from our outdoor LED display series are available in assorted panel sizes, various cabinet types, custom corners, and other custom-engineered solutions to fit any application.

High-Tech Processing


SANSI’s LED displays and signage makes it easy for your clients to engage with their fans through brand promotion and loyalty.

Customize your images with dynamic movements and sharp contrast.

Vibrant imagery with smooth transitions that help build brand recognition.

Compatible, adaptable and manageable software and installation.

Interactive displays are useful for fan engagement, and immediate visual recognition.

Informative displays are useful for sharing important information to your customers.

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Outdoor Advertising

Sansi’s LED billboards and signage makes it easy for your clients to engage with their fans through brand promotion and loyalty.