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XQ Series

UEFA Standard

3840 Hz

No Signal Connector

60% Failure Rate Down

Product Features

Soft mask at the front and anti-collision device at the top and bottom of the cabinet, for full protection of sportsmen and display equipment.

Cabinet is equipped with supporting stand at the bottom, more stability and reliability.

0~50mm adjustable space in height, for ideal displaying effect.

Top-class driver chip with PWM function.Static scanning mode.

Refresh rate up to 3840Hz.

Smooth image transmission and true-color & stable living program presentation.

Front maintenance with hot-swapping, easy and convenient. Locking system between cabinets, achieving seamless and smooth assembling overall the display.

Combining power and signal lines.

15 um golden pins.

Suitable for rental and fixing applications with fast and easy installation design.

Fanless, aluminum profile structure, and better heat-dissipating effects.

Technical Parameters

  • NO.







  • Item

    Pixel Pitch


    Module Size (W x H)

    Cabinet Size (W x H × D)

    Viewing Angle(H)

    Viewing Angle(V)

  • Value

    12.5 mm

    3-in-1 SMD

    450 x 150 mm

    1350 x 900 mm



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