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XQ Series

UEFA Compliance

3840 Hz Refresh Rate

No signal connector. 60% failure rate reduction

Product Features

XQ Series.jpg

Exclusive view experience with high resolution & high refresh rate.

Easy installation and flexible maintenance.

High reliability and ultra-low failure rate.

IP65 rated, prefect for outdoor water-proof application. risks.

Compliant to CE, UEFA.

Technical Parameters

  • Series

    Pixel Pitch


    Module Size (W x H)

    Cabinet Size (W x H)

    Cabinet Material

    Viewing Angle(H)

    Viewing Angle(V)

    LED Lifetime

  • XQ10

    10 mm


    450 x 150 mm

    1350 x 900 mm




    100,000 hrs

  • XQ12

    12.5 mm


    450 x 150 mm

    1350 x 900 mm




    100,000 hrs

*Contact SANSI for more technical specifications.Discover your customized LED display solutions now.

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