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VA Series

Fast Fault Positioning

Excellent Image Consistency

Front & Rear Availability

Applications:Shopping malls,meeting rooms,halls,hotels

Product Features

outdoor fixed led display

Both front and rear serviceability, for easy installation.

Support various installation methods, such as wall-mount, hanging and stacking.

Fan design, ensuring good cooling effect.

Uniform color presenting, high contrast and high clarity.

1920 Hz super high refresh rate, making for excellent image consistency.

Highly Reliable Internal Communication:Unique internal signal connection, ensuring effective failover if one module fails.Loop communication backup, preventing one signal failure from affecting the whole operation of the system.

Adopt integrated point-by-point calibration, no mosaic, true color presenting.

Technical Parameters

  • Series

    Pixel Pitch


    Display Size (W x H)

    Module Dimension (W x H)


    Viewing Angle(H)

    Viewing Angle(V)

  • VA4

    4 mm


    768 x 768 mm

    192 x 192 mm

    Front / Rear



  • VA6

    6 mm


    240 x 240 mm

    960 x 960 mm

    Front / Rear



*Contact SANSI for more technical specifications.Discover your customized LED display solutions now.

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