Fast fault positioning, automatic fault detecting and fault calibration


Easy operating with unique internal signal connection


Front & rear availability and accessibility that makes it easy for installation and further maintenance when necessary


Applications: commercial plaza, outdoor building projection advertising, pedestrian zone

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Product Description

XL series is designed for outdoor application scenarios. XL outdoor fixed LED displays could be applied in different outdoor settings due to its high protection level and high brightness, high fresh rate and the system could  be customized and calibrated specifically as well 

Product Features


High brightness, low power consumption.
IP65 front and IP54 rear.
Support front and rear maintenance, for easy installation.
Various installation methods, such as wall-mount, hanging and stacking.
Fan design, ensuring good cooling effect.
High reliability of communication:Unique internal signal connection, ensuring effective failover if one module fails. Loop communication backup, effectively preventing certain signal failure from affecting the whole operation of the system. 
Adopt point-by-point calibration technology, true color presenting.
High refresh rate, making for excellent image consistency.
Uniform color presenting, high contrast and high clarity.
Real-time, synchronous display of information, such as text, picture, video.

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Technical Parameters


Series XL10 XL12 XL16 XL20
Pixel Pitch 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm
Module Dimension(W*H) 240*240mm
Serviceability Front/Rear
Viewing Angle(H*V) 140°*60°


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