Power Input: AC 100-277V 50/60HZ

Wattage: 60W/100W/150W

CCT: 5000K

Light Effect:100lm/W, 130lm/W

Applications:Warehouse, logistic center, stadium, station, supermarket, etc

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Product Introduction

C21BB-ZE39/E40 high bay light has a fashion and easy hollow-carved design, combining lines and arcs perfectly. It has a high luminous efficiency and soft light with the use of Nichia chip, making it a good choice for station, stadium, warehouse, etc.




Honeycomb heat dissipation structure:The honeycomb and self-convection heat dissipation design solves the problem of product heat dissipation. At the same time, the LED chip is directly soldered on the ceramic to reduce the thermal resistance, and the overall performance of the product is more reliable.

High-quality optical lens design, brighter and more efficient:The illumination at the center position and the surrounding position are basically equal, which can meet the different angles and illumination requirements of the illumination area.

Customized COC LED chips:With the lens, the scattered light line is ensured to be uniform, and dark areas are less likely to occur.

Optional lens:C21BB-ZE designs different lenses according to the heights of the high, medium and low sheds to maximize the value of light.


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Technical Parameters

Model Wattage Power Factor Luminous Flux Beam Angle IP Rating Socket Temperature CRI
C21BB-ZE 60W ≥0.9 6000lm 60°/90°/120° IP20 E39/E40 -25℃-40℃ ≥80
C21BB-ZE 100W ≥0.9 10000/13500lm 60°/90°/120° IP20 E39/E40 -25℃-40℃ ≥80
C21BB-ZE 150W ≥0.9 20000lm 60°/90°/120° IP20 E39/E40 -25℃-40℃ ≥80


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