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C0810-DV Reflective LED Guardrail Light

Voltage: DC 18V~24V

Wattage: 6/12 W

Efficacy: ≥90 lm/w

IP Rating: IP65

Applications: City elevated streets, gateways, bridges and highways, airport highways, overpasses, etc.



Product Introduction

SANSI LED guardrail light is both a beautifully designed and supremely functional luminaire that is designed for road and outdoor architectural lighting applications. No extreme high-brightness light will be diffused outside of the road surface, without light pollution. By using this product as the lighting fixture for streets, it provides an ideal curved lighting effect and keeps a tidy road surface. The robust mechanical and unique optical designs make the SANSI guardrail light ideal for illuminating roads, bridges, overpasses and any application that requires a linear lighting solution.


  • Patented reflective LED technology, ensuring soft and well-distributed light.

  • Simplified and slim structure design, using the street / road guardrails as mounting carriers.

  • Independent light distribution technology, each LED light source features an individual light distribution system.

  • Directional light distribution, efficient restraining of light glare.

  • The housing is made of high-quality aluminum materials, high mechanical strength.

  • The housing surface finished with electrostatic spraying technology, anti-corrosion, anti-acid and anti-alkali, durable and long-lasting.

  • LED light source designed with world-class brand LED chips, long lifespan.

  • IP65, anti-collision protective design, reliable and durable for use.





Technical Parameters

  • Model


  • Wattage


  • Input Voltage

    DC 18V~24V

  • Housing Material/Color


  • Efficacy

    ≥90 lm/w

  • CCT

    3000K /4000K

  • IP Degree


  • Installation Method

    Built-In Type

  • Lifetime


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