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See how our customers around the world are using our LED display and lighting solutions to inspire memorable experiences, encourage originality, create beauty, attract crowds, and achieve their creative visions.

SANY, Changsha, China

SANY, a global manufacturer of industry-leading construction and mining equipment, recently received a complete makeover that included the installation of an large-scale LED display.

fine pitch interior LED display

Located at the headquarters hall of SANY Changsha company, the cutting-edge and vivid LED display is clearly visible from the outside. The fine pitch interior LED display features 1.9mm pixel pitch and a resolution of approximately 220,00 pixels. The display measures 2.88m high * 48m wide, total 138 ㎡. SANSI customized the project for SANY with providing excellent image brightness uniformity, high refresh rate, and industry-leading LED process. Aim to realize all operation remotely, we designed a remote control for LED screen. Additionally, it supported a variety of signal source input include 4K、1080P、720P、1024*768 etc. All operation can be controlled by IPAD or telephone. As the largest concrete machinery company in the world, SANY has actively engaged in social activities and built a world-class brand around the world. At the same time, SANSI will also continue promoting the spirit of integrity and pragmatism, following the development path of Science, Industry and Trade.

fine pitch interior LED display