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VSLS Series

EN 12966 certificated

Optical Lens design

Applications: Freeways,Arterial Roads.



Product Introduction

SANSI Variable Speed Limit Sign is an integrated and affordable part of a traffic management system. It allows agencies to adjust the peed limit in response to current road and traffic conditions, such as heavy traffic and adverse weather. Featuring high-quality LEDs, high legibility, front/rear serviceability, these signs are ideal for permanent or temporary installation, as they will withstand wide temperature and humidity ranges as well as other harsh weather conditions.



EN 12966 certificated

Optical Lens design

Support for LED failure detection

Real-time monitoring system and feedback system

Pixel failure self-detection, real-time error detection feedback

Redundant power supply

Optical lens made of anti-UV PC material, avoiding yellowing on the lens

No louver design, preventing snow from pilling up in extreme weather

Multiple communication protocols available

Product Pictures


Technical Parameters


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