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G351 National Highway, Pujiang

G351 National Highway (Pujiang section) involves the Lianmeng interchange, Xianhua and zhengzhailingjiao interchange, which is responsible for the intersection of the main highways and the important function of traffic flow. It is is a grand total of 22.414 kilometers in length. SANSI provides a new street lighting C0820-ZR with high brightness LED’s as a light source for level crossings to grade separation. While improving traffic conditions, Improving road capacity and traffic.


By adopting C0820-ZR with high efficiency light distribution mode, G351 National Highway (Pujiang section) enjoys uniform illumination, higher light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The LED light source is directly welded onto the surface of ceramic radiator to reduce the thermal resistance of the system and ensure the reliability and service life of C0820-ZR. Learn more about C0820-ZR