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See how our customers around the world are using our LED display and lighting solutions to inspire memorable experiences, encourage originality, create beauty, attract crowds, and achieve their creative visions.

Nantong, Jiangsu, China

Nantong, as the only city in Jiangsu that also has a deep-water coastline along the river coast, is known as "China's first modern city". As of the end of 2019, Nantong City Gongnong Road, Haobei Road, Haonan Road, Nursing Home Road, Chengshan Road (north of Qixiu Road), Haodong Road (Haonan Road ~ Qixiu Road), South Street, Dongsi Road, Xisi Road , Jiankang Road, Chengshan Road (south of Qixiu Road) and other major traffic roads in the urban area were installed with SANSI LED low-level multifunctional street lights, SANSI LED ceramic pixel modular street lights, SANSI flood lights and other SANSI lighting products.


At the same time, Shanghai Sansi also installed multi-pole integration of lighting, monitoring and other functions into the main traffic lanes with large traffic in Nantong, replacing the original single-lighting street lights, and integrating communication poles, signal poles, telephone poles, etc. These functions are integrated to effectively solve the common problem that lighting, monitoring and urban beautification cannot be achieved simultaneously. It further unclogs the urban traffic artery of Nantong, optimizes and improves the function of the road network in the surrounding area, and plays a major role in easing traffic in Nantong.