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With high image quality and smooth display,Sansi LED displays widely apply to different locations.And unique heat dissipation and modular design of Sansi lighting further accentuate the enegy-saving among multiple fields.

Chinatown, Los Angeles, US

Five streets in Chinatown refurbished its road lighting and upgraded the light points to modern, energy-saving LED technology. Approximately 2,000 LED street light retrofits sourced from SANSI were installed to replace old ones, providing optimum light guidance onto streets and paths. This enables the city to save approximately 60% of energy compared to the old lighitng system- the quality of light is also significantly improved.


Efficient LED Technology and Simple Retrofitting

The Chinatown wished to maintain the familiar urban appearance in the urban centre, meaning that in excess of 2,000 existing tear drop street lights with their traditional design were kept and merely upgraded to advanced LED technology. This innovative LED retrofit kit from SANSI not only offers highly efficient technology, long life and economical operation but also provides a quick, simple and cost-effective path to modernization as only the light sources need to be replaced. Self-produced COC (chip on ceramic) LED technology and unique optical lens design ensure higher energy saving and reliable operation, even in severe climate conditions. Compared to the sodium technology used previously, the LED solution ensures improved colour rendering and a better quality of light. New LED street lights for the Chinatown provide a pleasant light ambience, and are popular with pedestrians.

Brighter Light For Every Street: LED Retrofit Kit



With significantly higher light output and a visibly more attractive light appearance, SANSI LED retrofits now replaced the old HID or HPS extremely efficiently and effectively. In addition, SANSI will supply a total of 40,000 LED street light retrofits for Los Angeles in the next two years. We aim to develop innovative outdoor LED street lighting solutions that improve and enhance people’s lives in the future.

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