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See how our customers around the world are using our LED display and lighting solutions to inspire memorable experiences, encourage originality, create beauty, attract crowds, and achieve their creative visions.

LED Display

From large scale outdoor advertising to channel letters to tollways, SANSI installed hundreds of thousands of displays in more than 30 countries across the world: United States, Canada, France, Italy, Australia, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and so on, making its most large display network worldwide. Notably, total 6000㎡ displays installed in Times Square occupied more than 50% market share for several years. Thereinto, the 1600㎡ display at 20 Times Square is the biggest world-renowned LED spectacular so far. Even more remarkably, 60% of traffic variable message signs custom-manufactured by SANSI are currently utilized in China highway construction. With over 27 years of extensive experience, we have industry involvement to be able to fulfill your needs however complicated, whatever the size, colour, curvature, venue, interaction, environment or interface. 

LED Lighting

SANSI enjoys high competitiveness among its peers and has developed into a leading domestic supplier in LED lighting industry. SANSI has successively undertaken hundreds thousands of lighting projects both at home and abroad in terms of road lighting, tunnel lighting, horticultural lighting, industrial lighting and commerical household lighting. Applying the COC (chip on ceramic) design and weather-proof techs, SANSI LED lights offer outstanding long-life reliability to dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Intelligent Traffic System

Millions of motorists look to SANSI variable message signs for useful intructions, traffic information and travel times. Since 1993, SANSI has produced VMS, LCS and VSLS to meet the innovations of the intelligent traffic system (ITS) industry.

System Integration

SANSI Smart pole system, an important nerve terminal in the vast neural network, provides the city with a unique win-win-win solution: more energy conservation, reduced expenditures on maintenance, an improved connectivity to citizens. With the rapid development of urbanization, SANSI grasped opportunities to proactively assist governments in building smart cities and carried out numerous projects across the world: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Poland, Macau, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, JIangxi, Guangzhou, etc.