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See how our customers around the world are using our LED display and lighting solutions to inspire memorable experiences, encourage originality, create beauty, attract crowds, and achieve their creative visions.

Jiefangbei CBD, Chongqing, China

Among the recent upgrades to the JieFangBei CBD in Chongqing province, is a new LED display - a cutting-edge LED display features 6mm pixel pitch, 5200*2280 high resolution, 31.2 high * 13.68 wide, total 426 ㎡.

JieFangBei CBD

Jiefangbei CBD is the ultra-dense, urbanized downtown and central business district in the city of Chongqing, China. Thousands of shops, bars, and restaurants are located in Jiefangbei CBD including numerous large international department stores, local street food stalls, theaters. The massive XS series outdoor LED display installed by SANSI attracted visitors with striking visuals, which will revolutionize the look of the most prosperous entertainment district and become one of the landmarks within the area. Featuring high brightness, high refresh rate, and front/rear serviceability, XS series LED display serves as a versatile media for outdoor applications.

The Jiefangbei pedestrian square itself is lined with numerous giant mega-shopping malls with jumbo-tron LED screens. Total 426 ㎡, the vibrant LED display is situated directly on the Jiefangbei pedestrian square, placing it in an ideal location for utilization advertisers. The outdoor LED display employs SMD technology, easy to install and maintenance. SANSI continues to provide an industry-leading LED products for all indoor/outdoor environment.