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See how our customers around the world are using our LED display and lighting solutions to inspire memorable experiences, encourage originality, create beauty, attract crowds, and achieve their creative visions.

719 7th Ave, Times Square, NY

SANSI installed a unique, vertically designed LED display at 719 7th Avenue in Times Square. There are seven LED screens that make up the LED spectacular at the site, located at the southeast corner of 7th Ave and 48th St in Midtown Manhattan. All screens are built with a 10 mm pixel pitch.

landmark led screen

Meet Modern Display

The main section is 46'6" high and 39'11" wide (1,416 x 1,216 pixels). A south-facing return face extends from the main face to the building and is 46'6" high by 12'7" wide (1,146 x 384 pixels). The north-facing return is 46'6" high by 9'6" wide (1,146 x 288 pixels). The most recognizable feature of the display project is probably its LED tower, which extends 160 feet above the street in the Times Square skyline. Each display is 97'7" high and 12'7" wide and meet each other at a 90-degree angle. Both faces consist of 2,976 x 384 pixels, giving the tower more than 2 million total pixels. Additionally, LED ribbon display is approximately 3’high by 104’wide.

High-Tech Processing

video wall led display


8K UHD, known as Super Hi-Vision, high-definition format 16 times the resolution of full HD and four times the resolution of 4K, allowing for a flicker-free, stunning-quality viewing experience.

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719 7th Ave., Times Square, NY

The highest-resolution17,000-square-foot LED video display board with total number of 26,676,000 pixels draws eyeballs at Marriott Edition hotel, 719 7th Ave., Times Square, NY.