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With high image quality and smooth display,Sansi LED displays widely apply to different locations.And unique heat dissipation and modular design of Sansi lighting further accentuate the enegy-saving among multiple fields.

LED Display

Since 1993, Sansi has been providing trusted and reliable displays to customers delivering the WOW factor to their audiences. Our LED displays are used and welcomed around the world in America, Europe, Australia, China and so on. By now Sansi has installed nearly 6000-square meter outdoor LED displays in Times Square, occupying half of the total display size in the district.

LED Lighting

For our strength in research and development, Sansi enjoys high competitiveness among its peers and has developed into a leading domestic supplier in LED lighting industry. Sansi has successively undertaken hundreds thousands of lighting projects both at home and abroad, eg. O'Hare International Airport, Dallas Road lighting, and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, etc.