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Why Your Workshops Needs An Led Highbay Light?



The workshop and warehouse is the main productionand storagesite oftheenterprises, anda better lighting environment is closely related tothesafer production. Sufficient attention must be paid to the lighting facilities of these kind of areas.Nowadays, most factories and workshops still use fluorescent tubes asthelighting fixtures, which generally has the following problems:


1. Stroboscopic phenomenon, which may easily contributes to visual fatigue of workers, resulting in more errors and lower working efficiency.

2. The continuous long-term lightingwould lead to a large annual electricity consumption, greatlyincreasing the cost of enterprise expenditure.

3. The lighting bulbs need to be replaced frequently, which makes the maintenance work complicated.




Faced with these problems and the hidden dangers they bring with, many enterprises have been looking for the new type lighting solutions for their workshops or warehouses. How to provide an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and comfortable lighting condition for the workshops or warehouses has become a major indicator for choosing industrial lighting products.


Take Shanghai Automobile Gear Works as an example, the wholly-owned subsidiary company of SAIC Motor, which made a successful case of improving industrial lighting. In 2019, in order to increase its production capacity, the company expanded the scale of the factory. As the supplier and contractor of this project, SANSI has provided more than 600 sets of LED lighting products for an area of approximately 23,000 square meters in various application environment such as manufacturing factories , machine rooms, logistics areas and loading/unloading areas, creating a bright, comfortable and safe working environment.




For the precision machining workshops where the precise instruments are made, there is high demand for lighting illuminance. According to the visual requirements and production contents of the workshop, the LED ceramic pixel high bay lights installed by SANSI use high-performance LED chips with a light effect of about 130lm/W. There is no glare while bringing sufficient brightness during the work, greatly avoiding operational error of the workers. The whole light adopts SANSI’s unique ceramic heat dissipation technology, which has good insulation ability, fast heat dissipation, long lifespan and significant energy-saving effect. It not only reduces the potential safety hazards caused by overheating, but also saves subsequent maintenance costs and electricity expenses to a great extent.


Themainservice objects of themachine roomare electronic instruments such ascomputers, which is required to be placed in a constant temperature/humidity environment. SANSILED ceramic high bay light adopts secondary light distribution design, with high light transmittance and uniform light distribution. At the same time, the light has a strong dustproof and waterproofability, which could meet the lighting needs ofthe equipment rooms.


The logistics area and loading area is the main place for cargo storage, logistics distribution, andloading/uploading. The standard value of illumination is 200lx. SANSI combineshighbay light withthe natural light environment to provide key lighting for these areas. The bright lights provide the conditions for the orderly entry and exit ofworkers and vehicles.


The LED highbay light will completely replace the orthodox lighting facilities in the near feature. For the enterprises and manufacturers, it's time to make a change for your workshops.