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Advantages and Features of Outdoor Fixed LED Display



What is the first image that emerges in your mind when it comes to New York Times Square? For most people, the bustling crowd and the dazzling array of large-size LED screens are the first scenes that come to mind. Nowadays, the outdoor fixed LED displays are not only installed in the world-class economic center like Times Square, but also widely used in all areas of our daily living. This article will introduce several prominent advantages and features of outdoor fixed LED displays to you.

北京 西单太运大厦P13 731㎡.jpg

For outdoor fixed LED displays, the most important judgement standard is the display ability in various environments.The outdoor full-color LED displays are capable of providing high brightness, the general brightness is 5500cd/m2, and the high brightness can reach more than 10000cd/m2. The images could be clearly delivered even under strong light environment with a great display effect. Compared to LCD splicing, it’s rare for the outdoor fixed LED displays with the seamless splicing installation to have a gap on it, which ensures the integrity and fluency of the contents or images.

上海 静安寺百乐门 P13.3 343㎡.jpg

The outdoor LED display has a long service life. Under the standard current and voltage, the service lifespan of the general LED display can reach 100,000 hours. In addition, due to its good waterproof and dustproof performance, strong UV resistance and the certified IP65 class, it can keep a continuous and steady work under various bad weather circumstances.


In recent years, due to the continuous innovation of the building structures and appearances, in order to fit thevarious constructions,some special-shaped screens are gradually leadinga trend in theindustry. For instance, compared with the conventional outdoor fixed LED displays, the curved ones have a double-sided or even wider coverage area, which results in a higher investment value in commercial fields. Take the P12 full-color curved screen on Hangzhou Wulin Yintai department store as an example, which is one of the high-specificationoutdoor commercial LED displays in Hangzhou. The screen perfectly fits the surface of the building, the arc of the entire corner area is excessively natural and smooth, creating a good sense of spatial art. This curved design makes extremely effective use of space and provides perfect advertising quality under the limited conditions.


As the essential carrier of commercial advertising, the outdoor fixed LED display is bound to continue its rapid development trend. SANSI has left numerous classic cases around the world during the past 27 years, and we are looking forward to providing high-quality display solutions for more partners in the future.