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The Development Trend of LED Display Affected by Naked Eye 3D Technology



With the continuous enrichment and expansion of the functions and applications of indoor full-color fine-pitch LED display systems, the audience range of 3D display technology has gradually overshadowed the two-dimensional display. Because of that, the 3D imaging effect of the LED display has become mainstream.

Traditional 3D technology is already familiar to everyone. When the 3D playback mode is selected, the seamlessly spliced LED display will present high-definition images with more detailed and smooth display performance, making the content or images more lifelike. However, contrast to the ordinary 3D technology, the naked-eye 3D technology may be relatively unfamiliar to us. 


The naked-eye 3D display can create a realistic 3D effect in front of our eyes without the help of 3D glasses or other auxiliary tools. Compared with other 3D screens, it provides higher brightness. There is no need to rely on external light, and its own display can effectively eliminate moire. The users can have a immersive experience of spatial dimension without visual fatigue.

The rise of naked eye 3D technology can be traced back to 2013, however the technology has not yet been popularized until now. The reason is that the basic imaging principles of naked eye 3D technology have higher requirements for hardware devices and display systems. When viewing an object, there is horizontal visual difference due to the retina of the two eyes. At the same time, the brain reflects the two images with parallax seen by the eyes through the fusion reflection of the optic nerve center to form a stereoscopic picture with a sense of depth. It is the basic principle of naked eye 3D imaging.


With the development of naked eye 3D technology, the arrival of 5G and several other factors, the 3D LED display function of 4K, 8K and other high-resolution fine-pitch displays gradually gets on track. In the future, fine-pitch LED displays can accelerate the commercial integration of 3D, VR/AR and other technologies with their unique characteristics.