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The Right RGB Floodlights for Outdoor Applications




LED Floodlights are great outdoor lighting solutions with many benefits. Thanks to their high lumen output the luminaires are perfect replacements for luminaires with traditional high-presssure discharge lamps. By adopting LED Floodlights, you will be saving energy, money while getting a brighter beam. As outdoor lights, they can be applied to a number of scenarios including security, events or accent lighting your home.

Lumens is an important factor when you choose LED floodlight. The more lumens the brighter the light. Lumens equal brightness.

How Many Lumens Do You Need For Outdoor Lighting?

For outdoor lighting, it would depend on what you’re trying to illuminate with your floodlight. Smaller patios, gardens, and driveways will require fewer lumens and larger driveways, gardens, and patios will require more. To give a rough estimation here is a table below:


Why choose SANSI floodlight?

Patented LED technology: Unlike otherfloodlightsthat keep heat inside the light’s body, SANSI floodlights have 18 separate light sources with ceramic radiators ensure that all of the heat is transferred away from the LED chips and power supply, to prolong the light’s lifespan.


Remote control & Memory Function: With 32 Keys IR remote control to vitalize this 100W RGB floodlight (remote control Sensing distance:20~30ft). One remote can control several lights. The improved memory function keeps the color and mode you set last time. No need to reset! Enjoy the colorful light decoration on children’s birthdays, Christmas celebrations, Halloween or wedding parties.

16 Colors & 4 Modes: With a remote control provided, 16 different colors including daylight color lights are available. 5 dimmable settings can meet your brightness needs. It also offers 4 kinds of color changing patterns, including flash, strobe, fade and smooth. All the functions can meet all your needs for decorating a party, stage, landscape, and it can also be used for security lighting.